The Philadelphia Animal hospital is making big changes to become the best veterinary practice in Philadelphia!

In the past month, our small animal clinic has embraced our internet and social media presence. You can now find us on Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and we’ve even created a monthly newsletter! In the newsletter, you can find great deals on products and services and even contests for your animals! Sign up on our Facebook page or website today!

Off of the digital world, however, we’ve made improvements too. We’ve always had excellent dog and cat veterinarians and top of the line surgeons, but now we have a way to make sure that the turnaround time on rehabbing your baby after a surgery is expedited! With our brand new pool, we can service a number of ailments!

Filled with pet-friendly saline and covered by a retractable roof that allows us to utilize it year round, our hydrotherapy pool is the perfect solution to many canine problems. When animals sustain injuries to their hips, lower back, or legs, it can be hard for them to get back on all fours because of the high-impact on the joints as they try to walk or run. A pool allows them to move more freely. Using only water resistance, animals are able to have full motions of their joints and are freed of the weight bearing movements that can cause further damage.  Using water for therapy is also beneficial for anti-inflammatory purposes and can reduce swelling to the muscle tissue and increase blood-flow!

Could your pooch stand to lose a few pounds? The pool is a perfect place to increase exercise and is also fun! From Great Danes to Pomeranians, this pool is great for any dog breed.

And don’t forget about Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas! Located on the same campus as our pet hospital, this state-of-the-art boarding facility provides the gold standard of day and overnight care of pets. You can also book swim sessions for your pups during their stays!

This month we have also partnered with a local group, the ‘City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet’ for many of the proceeds that have come from the installation of this pool! During our grand opening, we were able to provide complimentary health care for several of their adopted elderly pets from donations and auction money from you, our fantastic clients!

Thank you so much for those that have stuck with us this past year! This month was our one-year anniversary in our new building! Our brand new facility allows to to better serve you and your pets! Located only one mile from our old location, and approximately five miles from the Philadelphia International Airport, this new building features far more space and more veterinary hospital amenities.

To future clients: we cannot wait to meet you and have your pets join our pack! If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call us!