Swimming Pool


The swimming pool at Philadelphia Animal Hospital is pet (and owner!) friendly! This is a saline filled pool, and has many benefits for your pets!

Animals who are older, or who have undergone surgical procedures in the past, will find the pool a much friendlier place to play on their scars, bones, and joints!

Active and high energy dogs will really enjoy a new atmosphere for exercising and playing with you.

dog jumping in pool

Our pool is usable year-round! In the warm Philadelphia summers, the pool is open every day! In the winter, and during inclement weather, our state-of-the-art pool cover keeps the warm water in and the rain and cold out, so you and your pets can enjoy the benefits of our pool no matter the time of year!

You can purchase a day pass for $35 /hour or a monthly unlimited pass for $150. We do require a wellness check and general before your pets can swim in the pool, This exam can be scheduled the same day as your first pool reservation, provided you can show proof of vaccination from your preferred veterinarian.

Pool times are booked in one hour blocks and are private reserved spaces, meaning no other pets or families will be using the pool at the same time! You can call the office to schedule pool time and purchase passes!


visit us at philadelphia animal hospital

Come visit us for a check-up, routine visit, or to take a dip in the pool! We looking forward to welcoming you and your furry family in to our office.