Dr. Morgan Agnew, a board-certified veterinarian in reproduction, headed to Italy last month to present her findings on the safety and efficacy of pentoxifylline use in the management of canine infertility.

Pentoxyfilline is a drug typically uses for circulation to the uterus and to treat inflammation.

Dr. Agnew theorized that this drug could be used in cases in which female dogs that had previously gotten pregnant were unable to become pregnant a second or third time. 

This treatment was used for 7 female canines aged 3 – 8: a french bulldog, two Great Danes, a German Shepherd, two English Bulldogs and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

After dosing these animals at the time of breeding, six of the bitches carried litters of 4+ to term.

Dr. Agnew plans to continue this research with a larger number of animals, and more formal control groups in the future.

We are so proud that Dr. Agnew is one of our amazing veterinarians at Philadelphia Animal Hospital, and even more proud of her contributions to the practice of veterinary medicine.

To see her full presentation and get more details, you can visit this link.